Website Review Day 1

OK, I started the website review for this website ( yesterday and have logged the Google rankings before I start any work.

I am focusing on these search phrases to start and once these are performing better I can focus on some other phrases:

web design dorset, website design dorset, seo dorset, search engine optimisation dorset.

These search phrases are ranking well for local Google listings but that could be because I am working from the business location and I have recently made some changes to my Google Business Profile. However the website ranks naturally at 60+ (page 6 on a computer and several swipes down on a phone) which is not good. I’ve been too busy improving my client’s websites and stupidly neglected my own, so I’m going to put this right.

I have run the website through an online website review system and found that the website SEO and security are very good but Social Media links and activity need improvement, so I will focus on Facebook and LinkedIn during the next day or two together with increasing the amount of content and updating the text on the website.

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