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Google Placement for Sunnyside Web Design

Hopefully you’ve been following my blog talking about the review of this website

Well, I checked the position of this website in Google for search phrases including ‘ web design Dorset’, ‘website design Dorset’ and ‘search engine optimisation Dorset’ and the search results have all improved between 35 and 49 places. This has happened within one month, how impressive is that?

The biggest improvement was searches for ‘website design Dorset’ moving from position 73 (page 8) to position 24 (page 3) of Google, a whopping 49 places. The highest placement is for ‘web design Dorset’ which is now at position 18 (page 2), I’m sure with a little more work, I can get this onto page 1 of Google.

I’ve also been working with a couple of clients who have seen big improvements in their search engine placements – I’ll write case review posts for these in the next couple of weeks.

I Interested in seeing what I could do to help your business’ performance in search engine results – have a look at and contact me to provide a personalised quote for your business website. Tel: 01935 891343/text 07840 796044 or email:

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