Website Review Day 3

I’ve started the day with a visit to Houndsville in Wellington with my dog, Dora. We met up with Dora’s sister, Bracken and her family. Lovely, if not foggy morning but it doesn’t matter if you can’t see your dog because the 3 acre field is fully secure and is also great for recall training.

Now back to my website review – I have run the website through the website checker tool and already it is looking much better. SEO, Usabililty and Security are all graded A or A+, Performance is looking better graded as B. Social Media still needs some work, so I will post on Facebook and LinkedIn and I have setup a Twitter account @dorsetwebsites; I have had a personal Twitter account for years but not a business one, so here it is, please follow me.

A bit early for improvements in Google rankings but the website now ranks at number 55 for ‘web design dorset’. Two days ago, it was ranked 60+ so I’m feeling positive that the work I’m doing is beneficial.

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