Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console – are they the same thing?

If you’ve been using Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t and you have a website, you probably want to be using it but it is now known as Google Search Console. Here is the current system:

Then there is a beta version of the new look Search Console here: but this is very new and some reports in the current version are not available in the beta yet.

What is Google Search Console used for?

This tool is free to use and predominantly for web masters, but if you are keen to learn more about your web presence, this tool is available for all. You can use it to see links in to your website and check your rankings on Google for search volume, position, search queries etc.  

You can submit a sitemap, see crawl errors and even check that your website is mobile device friendly and if not, the reasons why.

How do I setup Google Search Console to monitor my website?

To use the tool, you need to be logged into Google and when you add your website, you’ll need access to your website files to add the code to verify you own the website concerned.

Follow my blog to find out more about the functionality in Google Search Console.

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