Writing for the Web

Writing articles is a good way to build inbound links to your site and attract traffic. The internet has opened up a host of opportunities for you to have writing published about your business from forum posts to blogging. Build regular article writing and promotion into your online marketing strategy.

When writing online content you need to be aware that it is different to writing content for print.  Research has shown that people read material online much more slowly than in print.  Usually visitors to websites are looking to find information quickly and easily.

Before you write anything, think about who might be reading. What reading level will they have, and what will they hope to learn from the article or site. Make it easy for readers to scan through an article using headings and sub-headings. Keep the language you use simple and avoid using abbreviations and acronyms that may confuse people.  Visually, underlining can make text hard to read and confuse people who may think the underlined word is a hyperlink. Instead bold out important words as this helps both the reader and search engines to spot what it important.

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