Writing for the Web for Non-Writers

Do you find writing for your website a struggle? It is fine to admit that writing isn’t your forte, and it can be much more effective to find a freelance writer or agency to write the content for you. Don’t undervalue the importance of good content for your website. It is marketing your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week so it is important that it is creating the right image to your potential customers.

Remember, your website content is not only targeting your potential customers but also the search engines. It needs to read well for both in order to be successful.

You can find a range of freelancers via networking or from sites like Elance who are willing to create powerful content for your site. Some freelancers specialize in ‘ghost blogging’, providing regular content for your blog which will interest readers and can focus on specific keywords to help your search engine ranking. This will help you to ensure that the company blog is updated every week. You could find a social media professional write more effective tweets for you too.

If you need occasional or ongoing help with specific jobs that are outside your expertise a freelancer might be just what you need. You can book a freelancer to do a one off job for you or send them work every month. Find freelancers at local networking meetings and by networking through online business fora. Ask for recommendations as this can be a great way to find someone with minimal risk. There are also specific freelance websites where you can post your work and get quotes from a range of freelancers.

To work successfully with a freelancer, be clear about what you need and when you want it delivered. Agree the fee you will pay. You usually pay per hour but sometimes the freelancer will have a set fee for a job. Make yourself available in case they have queries. Feed back about any amendments you need clearly and promptly, and remember to pay on time if you want to develop a successful continuing relationship with a great freelancer.

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