Work at Home Mum or Mumpreneur?

Work at home mum, Mumpreneur or just a business woman? However you identify yourself more and more women are taking advantage of new technology and setting up their own businesses.

Women start a business for different reasons. You may be bored at home or, like many, in need of a few extra pounds each month. For lots of women there just aren’t many jobs available which fit in with the family routine, and such jobs that there are can be low paid and less interesting than running your own enterprise.
Why is technology such a help to mums who want their own business? The Internet means that you can develop your business from home at any time of day. As ‘Mum Inventor’ Louise says, “Now we have the internet it is a lot easier to assess the competition, research the market and set up as a seller than it was before.” Once you have come up with a business idea, the internet also makes it easier to reach customers and have your online store working for you even if you are busy cooking tea. And through the wonders of Facebook, Twitter and other online networking sites you can reach more potential customers than ever before.

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