Why write an e-book?

There are many reasons why writing an eBook is a great idea. Here are a few;

1. eBooks get to your readers instantaneously. With an eBook you do not have to pitch your book, wait to get a publishing deal, write the book, go back and forth with editors and then wait for the publishers to print and distribute your book. You can write an eBook in as little as a few days and have it online to buy in a few hours. It’s also great for readers who can buy and start reading your book in just a few minutes.

2. You can sell your eBook via your website, using a shopping cart like 1 shopping cart, eJunkie or Clickbank. An eBook gives you something to sell to people that are really interested in your niche and can be the doorway to selling your higher priced products and services.

3. eBooks can be just the length you need. Whilst publishers need to have books of a certain word count an eBook gives you the freedom to write to any length you wish, including very short eBooks. Often eBooks that are given away as bonuses or complimentary with products are only a dozen pages or so. eBooks allow you to provide your customers with added value but at low cost to yourself. Think about it, if you sell something that has multiple uses such as raw chocolate wouldn’t it be an added incentive for the buyer if, with your purchase you received an eBook on the ‘50 Ways with Raw Chocolate’.

4. eBooks cost much less to publish than print books . With eBooks you do not have to worry about costs such as stock, insurance and shipping. This means that you can either sell eBooks more cheaply or you can sell at the same price as physical books and maximise your own margins. What is more, many publishers will decline books that they feel are too niche and therefore a bit of a gamble. eBooks with their low overheads and few barriers to market make it possible for writers, business owners and specialists to take that gamble or to fulfil the needs of a very small niche, and still do so at a profit.

5. You can link your eBook to your other services – You can create links within the eBook that take people to other parts of the book or out to your main website or other resources. So while the relationship with the client might begin with a free or low cost eBook it doesn’t have to end there. Building trust and loyalty and demonstrating your expertise via an eBook could be just the first step to a much longer, more lucrative relationship.

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