Why blog for your business? 9

This is the ninth in our series, why blog for your business. There are lots of reasons why a blog is good for business. A well-established blog that earns an income can become a saleable asset

This is self-explanatory really. A blog is like a house. If you build one and look after it and make the appropriate improvements you will have something to sell once you’ve finished with it. Like a house though, be sure to clear away any personal stuff when it comes time to sell!

A blog is more saleable when it is bringing in an income, so keep good records and build your business income. When you want to sell, blog about it, but make sure you have written up all the good points about the blog, its traffic and the income it brings in. When working out a price, you could start by estimating 10-12x the amount your blog brings in in an average month.

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