Why blog for your business? 3

Do you know how many ‘true fans’ you need in order to create the business income you want? How many followers do you think you need to make a living online? Different people may have different estimates, and it can depend on what you are offering. In one theory, Kevin Kelly of www.kk.org suggests that an artist, musician or designer etc. might need 1,000 true fans to be successful. That is 1,000 people who buy your work, employ your services, read your blog, and retweet your tweets. Brian Austin Whitney of www.jpfolks.org suggests that the critical number is 5,000. Whatever the figure, if you can build up a group of people who love what you do and invest in everything you bring out, you have a solid basis for an online business, and a blog is a great place to start building those fans.

Kelly calculates that if these 1,000 true fans spent one day’s wage  each year on your products or services then that roughly equates to: £100 x 1,000 true fans = £100,000 per year. Not only that but once you reach this kind of number you will experience a ‘tipping point’, a point where you find that your fans begin to spread your marketing messages for you.

A blog can help you build your fan army, use Twitter and Facebook too to draw people into your blog so they get to regularly read great information from you and become a fan. People you ‘recruit’ from Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites are web savvy and used to sharing information and recommending companies which can help attract more fans. Communicate with people on a regular basis, create relationships with your fans and draw them in to your website, attracting RSS and email list subscribers. If you provide excellent content you will develop fans and followers that will happily subscribe for more.

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