Why authors need a blog

Are you an aspiring author? Have you already got a publishing deal? Or do you have books already in print? Whatever your situation, if you’re not blogging you are missing out on a key way to reach new readers, and build a relationship with your fans. Blogging can also help improve your writing. Here are 10 reasons why every author should be blogging regularly.

  1. A blog is a great outlet for ideas. It is a place to add in all sorts of ideas that you may or may not use in your book.
  2. A blog will build your followers. Once you have started adding lots of great content to your blog, along similar themes to your books, you’ll find you attract blog readers. People who love your blog are likely to love your books too, so write about it when you have a new title out.
  3. A blog can kickstart your creativity. If you are a follower of Julia Cameron’s ‘Artists Way’ you’ll know the benefits of writing Daily Pages as a warm up. Writing a short blog article can act as a way to get your mind going before you start on the main work of writing the next part of your book.
  4. A blog can help you build a relationship with your readers. People who visit your blog site will be able to leave comments, telling you about what they like about your latest book or blog post. Listen and learn and this will provide useful guidance for your next book. Reply to comments and you can start to build a better relationship with your readers.
  5. A blog can help fans stay loyal between books. For most writers, a new book comes out once a year or less. For fans, that can seem a very long time. Blog regularly – every day, once a week or even once a month, and you’ll give fans something to look forward to. Whether you write a tip, tell them how the next book is progressing, or even give them a sneak peak, you’ll ensure that more people are eagerly awaiting your next book.
  6. Blog articles can turn into book content. If you have an idea that you want to write about, but it doesn’t fit into your current book, blog it! When the time comes to pitch your next book proposal, look through your blog for themes as you will find plenty of inspiration. Some authors have created books entirely based on blog articles.
  7. A blog allows you to contact people in a new way. Make sure you have a way for people to input their email to get blog updates from you. Feedburner is a simple way to do this, and it means that readers will be notified by email or in your RSS feed when you post. Put a strong call to action like ‘New book out for you to buy now’ in your post title, and people will know about your book launch before they even visit your blog.
  8. Blog readers will become book buyers. Alongside your Feedburner link, you can also use an email service provider. Embed an email sign up box in the sidebar of your blog and you can now get in touch with people directly with news and updates about your books. People who receive this sort of email are 167% more likely to buy.
  9. Make money while you blog. There can be a big gap between receiving the advance for a book and the time when royalties start to come in. A blog can be a great source of income. You could offer advertising subscriptions, eBooks, eCourses, all of which will smooth out the ups and downs in your income.
  10. A blog can get you a book deal. Yes, only a few people find that a publisher stumbles across their website and gets in touch offering them a deal. Many more new authors will be able to use their blog as a showcase for their writing and give potential publishers proof that they have the skills and commitment to come up with a great book. If you have yet to get a book deal, use your blog as a showcase for your work and network online to draw the right people in as readers.

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