What’s Twitter all about?

Twitter is a key tool to help you reach many more people with your business offering. Read on to find out why and learn about how every business owner with a few minutes to spare can make the internet into her business’s best friend.

It is really important to make the most of social media for your business. You wouldn’t turn down someone offering you a handful of tenners would you? Nor would you walk on by if someone came up to you in the street and said, “I’ve heard about your business and it sounds right up my street – can you tell me more?” If you aren’t blogging and tweeting, though, you are actually turning away potential sales and missing the chance to tell customers all about your business and why it is just what they need.

Twitter is a simple concept, but it can seem hard to work out how best to use it. The sign up page is easy, and writing 140 character messages takes next to no time. What can seem tricky, though, is to get the right balance of messages that motivate people to buy and interesting items to attract followers. Plus, should you be tweeting about personal matters as well as business? Read on for some guidance.

Twitter is great because it is another way to build relationships, and relationships help people to know you, to trust you and to buy from you whether you run a tiny business or have your sights set on becoming an international enterprise. It allows you to respond rapidly to people’s enquiries, find those who want to know about what you offer and spread the word about sales and promotions.

The way to make Twitter work for you is to have a strategy. Think of 12 promotions and offers that you will be running this year – that’s one for each month. Then, plan your month’s marketing activities around that promotion, and tie your tweets in too. Use a service like SocialOomph.com to schedule in tweets highlighting that month’s promotion. I find a countdown like ‘just 3 days left for this month’s offer’ works to add an incentive for people to click through to your site.

I aim to have a rolling programme of tweets so that you might be asked to sign up for my newsletter 4 times a month, be directed to my Facebook Page 4 times a month and hear about this month’s offer every other day for 2 weeks each month.

How could you use Twitter to promote your business?

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