What to do when the internet goes down.

It happens to us all – you can’t get a connection, and everything you have planned has to be postponed. There are several good ways to work round a lack of internet connection, though.
Here are some ideas for working round lack of internet access:

Rearrange your work: make calls instead of sending emails, for example.

Work on projects that don’t need the net: it could be time to do some writing, perhaps.

Catch up on reading, or take time to plan.

And here are some ideas if you NEED to connect:

Smartphone and 3G: On a simple level, you can check emails via your phone.

Smarter-phone! Can your phone set up it’s own internet hotspot? If you have a good 3G connection you can run your computer off your phone’s hotspot.

Buy a dongle. A dongle allows you to access the 3G network and plugs in to your computer. Prices range from a few pounds upwards, plus the cost of accessing the network: I’ve used a service where you can pay a couple of quid for a day’s use, or £15-£10 for a month.

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