What should I include in my website – Part 2

In the previous post we talked about a few of the pages you might include in your website. Here are some more ideas:

Services – you may wish to outline your services across a number of different pages depending on what you offer.  For example a beauty therapist may wish to dedicate one page to massage, another page to beauty treatments and a third page to nails.  This also helps with targeting your website in the search engines.

In the news – if you want visitors to keep coming back to your website you need to update your content on a regular basis.  You may choose to have a section to publish information about news within your business and you may also wish to cover any national stories that are relevant at the time to your service.

Special offers – if you hope to use the website to generate sales you may want to consider have a section for special online offers.

Fees – you may wish to have a page to outline your fee structure.

Blogs – you can link your blog to your website or make it an integral part of the site.

Terms and Conditions – if you are selling over the internet you must have fair terms and conditions for your buyer to view.  This should include information around postage costs, returns and what the customer should do if dissatisfied.

Links – do you want to link to other services that complement what you do?  For example a vet’s practice may wish to link to a grooming parlour, a pet food store or a pet cemetery.  If you are going to link with other businesses it is important that you are sure they offer a reputable business that you would want to be associated with.

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