What is a Squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a highly targeted page created to gather email addresses from visitors. It is low on distractions and it won’t include a menu of links to other pages (exit hyperlinks), for example. It will use a range of strategies to make as many people as possible share their email address, usually in return for some free content material.

The copy will be written in order to entice people to take action, and keywords will be used to ensure that the page is picked up by search engines. Use of colour, page design and different button designs should be tested to maximize the effectiveness of the page.

Sales pages

A sales page is a similarly well focused page but with the aim of making a sale rather than collecting an email address from a visitor. More and more people are using video and audio to improve the conversion rates of sales pages and squeeze pages.


Once you have people on your squeeze page, what incentive can you offer to get them to sign up and share their details with you? Can you offer a discount voucher, e-Book, free report or e-course?  Think about what will draw people in.

Do you have a squeeze page? Think about whether this would be a useful way to find potential customers and clients.

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