What’s Pinterest All About?

Pinterest is a social website which will appeal if you like visual images, style and fashion.

The site is an interactive pin board where you can pin all the images you love from the Internet and keep them for future reference as well as to share with followers. Right now, this site is growing in popularity, and is visited by crafters, brides, bloggers, collectors and graphic designers alongside social media fans looking for a new fun place to link up.

You link up with others who are looking for the same sort of images as those that appeal to you, and follow the ‘boards’ they create, or repin images to your own boards.

Pinterest can help you if you have a business in a number of ways:

  • Unlike other social media where you attract followers, the users on this site find items and share them, so post attractive images relating to your business and other people will help you promote them.
  • People using the site are interested in what is on trend now. This creates real-time trending, invaluable if you want to see the colours and styles that are rising in appeal and ensure that your business keeps up.
  • If you pin images on your Pinterest board from your main website, this automatically links back to the site. These inbound links can help with SEO and will attract visitors to your website too.
  • Pinterest is a great place to show off your brand. If your business is big on style, the boards are a great way to show how hip or classy your brand is to potential customers. Having your products pinned and raved about will build your brand profile too.

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