What’s an autoresponder and why does YOUR business need one?

An autoresponder is a simple program that creates an automatic reply to an email. This could be as simple as an ‘out of office’ message, but more and more businesses are using autoresponders to build customer relations and increase profits. How can a computer programme do this? If someone sends an enquiry to your site, an autoresponder can be set up to ensure that they get a reply straight away. Even if it only says, ‘Thank you for your enquiry, we’ll respond within the next 24 hours’ people know what to expect and that their query is being dealt with.

But autoresponders can be much cleverer than that. As a business, it is enormously valuable to get hold of email addresses of people who are potential customers. Many people will browse your site a number of times without buying. Get hold of their email address and you can give them reasons to buy. Set up a box on your website offering a discount voucher or free report to people who fill in their details, and your autoresponder can send out the goodie automatically. You get the browser’s contact details, the get a bonus delivered right away and that’s the start of building a relationship with that person. Get even smarter, and follow up with a short series of emails outlining key offers from your business, informative pages on your website, other special offers and discounts and you can turn the browser into a buyer.

Beyond that, you can base a whole business on information delivery by autoresponder. If you work one to one with clients you may find yourself giving the same advice again and again. Plus, the number of people you can service is limited by the time you have available. Break free from the ‘time for money’ trap and create an eCourse packed with your best advice. Use an autoresponder to deliver a lesson a day or a lesson a week, and people who might not be able to work with you one to one, either because of their location or limited budget, can get some of your advice remotely. The best bit is that, once set up, you just need to market your eCourse, and don’t need to invest fresh time in delivering each lesson yourself.

There are lots more reasons why autoresponders are good for business: check the blog again for more articles on the topic coming soon.

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