Using the Internet to make your event a success

Do you want to run an event? The Internet makes it much easier to ensure it will succeed. Here are 9 tips to help you:

  1. What’s the aim for your event? Do you want to make money, raise your profile, help people? Be explicit about your exact aim, and break this down into specific goals. This will help you plan an event that will meet your aims.
  2. Be clear about your audience. If you know who will benefit from your event, it will be easier to target your marketing to relevant websites and forums and sell more tickets.
  3. Set up an easy online way to buy tickets. Sites like make it easy for people to buy tickets, or consider which offers event management and email marketing combined.
  4. Build your email list well in advance. Don’t think you can sell an event from cold without a lot of hard work: the more people you have on your list who are in the target market for your event the easier it will be.
  5. What are the benefits? When sending emails marketing your event be clear how people will benefit if they attend and focus on this in all communications and promotions.
  6. Use online meeting software like GotoWebinar to run pre-event live calls so people can get a taste of what they might expereince at the event itself.
  7. Partner up with other key people with email lists on relevant topics so they will promote your event to their list too
  8. Have an online Marketing and Media pack for your event from the start, explaining the costs and benefits to businesses that want to get involved. Offer the chance to sponsor your whole website or just a page. Aim for sponsorship and/or exhibitors right from the start to maximise what you can achieve with the event.
  9. Follow up your event with an email to every attendee. Use something like to get views on the day so you can make your next event even better.

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