Tips to help you use LinkedIn like an Expert

Last week we shared some basic pointers to help you get started in LinkedIn. This week, you can discover four further ways to make the most of the site for online networking.

Look at the people who are connected to your connections to find new and relevant people to network with. They are likely to have overlapping interests, and you can ask your mutual connection to link you up.

If you want to make contacts and get great business advice at the same time, visit the ‘Answers’ section. You can post a question on any topic AND highlight that you have asked about this topic to all your contacts. Plus, you can answer other peoples questions to build your profile as an expert. Think carefully about where you want to showcase your expertise and pick relevant questions to answer.

Add events to LinkedIn using the events app (find it in the ‘more’ tab) AND you can also see which events your connections are planning to attend.

Finally, take your LinkedIn contacts into the real world. If you have noticed someone will be at an event with you, make a point of finding them to say hello or grab a coffee together. By meeting face to face you can often turn an online networking contact into someone you do business with

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