The 4 types of business blog: which one do you need?

Have you looked at other people’s business blogs with envy and wished yours was more effective?  A blog is great for your business. The regular fresh content helps your site rise up search engine rankings. But have you considered that there are different types of blog, to fit different purposes? Read on to find out about the different types of blog and which one is right for your business. Once you’re clear about this you’ll be able to get a better return on the time you invest in your blog.

Understanding the aims for your business and your website is the start to creating an effective blog. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your blog? Ultimately you may want to build traffic, but what are you going to do with the traffic once you have it? What action do you want readers to take? And how does your blog fit in with your advertising and marketing, on and offline? Now consider what sort of blog will help you achieve those aims:

The market research blog

Do you have an idea for a product or service and want to check demand? Start your blog, and add great content and keyword rich articles on the topic. Build up your following, people who are interested in your topic, who find you via search engine and pay par click traffic. Add a poll to gather people’s views, and an offer of a free eBook or tip sheet in return for completing a longer survey about your plans. Set this sort of site up at least 6 months before you are ready to launch so you can get the numbers you need to see if your idea is a winner. Use your site analytics to see how many people sign up for your tip sheet or vote in the poll as a proportion of total visitors. This can help you scope out the numbers you’ll need to attract to your site when the business is up and running in order to meet sales targets.

The lead generation tool

This type of blog is all about how to get more customers. Choose it if you already have an online business and need more people to buy. A blog is a great long term strategy to build a really strong source of traffic. People who read your blog are already interested in the right topics – they are what are called ‘qualified leads’. Figure out your key words and phrases, and get really specific so you create content for people who want to buy. Weave these phrases into your content and rotate through different phrases. Your search engine traffic will grow significantly within 6 months. Embed banners and links from your blog to draw people through to the business. Mention a product or service and link through. Add a newsletter sign up box too. Tell people that by signing up they will get the best rates or discounts, competitions or other benefits. Your email list will become an effective way to highlight new products to people who are interested in the right topics: you know this because they have found the business through reading an on-topic blog article.

Read the blog later this week to discover two more types of business blog.

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