The 4 types of business blog: part 2

Last time we looked at Market Research blogs and Lead Generation Blogs. Now we explore about two more types of business blog:

The professional platform

This is a simple idea for anyone who offers a service. Are you a freelance writer, designer, coach, VA? For any professional, the professional platform blog can help you attract clients. Have an ‘about’ page with your image plus examples of your work and testimonials. Create a static page about your services, and maybe your prices too. Add keyword rich articles on a regular basis. These fulfil the dual function of displaying your expertise AND helping your site get picked up on search engines for the topic where you want to be seen as an authority. Blog about the projects you are working on.  Be clear how people can get in touch with you to enquire about work. Add an email sign up box and offer an incentive to sign up –for example a ‘Get started with WordPress’ eBook for a website designer who specialises in customising WordPress sites. Consider if you want to take payment online. Self hosted WordPress blogs allow you to integrate a shopping cart and sell eBooks, eCourses and other packages.

The blog as the business

Do you have a niche website: we’re talking about sites on tightly focussed and specialist topics such as guinea pig aromatherapy or model railway weathering! You build up an audience because you have picked such a tight niche that you have little competition for good information. Offer a newsletter or tip sheet to get people to share their contact details with you, then develop your product funnel. You have a growing list of people who are interested in your topic, so consider what they might need to buy to fulfil their interest. If you get a good list you could even consider setting up a membership site of people with this particular interest for a small monthly fee.

Which of these blogs is right for your business? Don’t just blog at random: instead be clear about what you want to achieve from your blog and you’ll find it repays your time invested many times over.



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