Steps for successful business blogging: 2

Last week we talked about the first steps to starting blogging.

Now, spend a couple of hours getting ideas for your blog. Pull together any articles you have written in the past that could be repurposed. Write a list of frequently asked questions that you could answer on your blog too. Perhaps gather together a list of products to write about that might interest your target audience. Have this sort of blogging brainstorm every month or two so you always have a list of ideas to write about.

Check out this post for more ways to generate ideas for blog posts

How to do it

In practice, it is ideal to blog 2-3 times a week. Keep posts relatively short – 200 words is about optimum, but it is fine to write 100 word updates too. If your posts go over 400 words, split them into two. Use simple jargon free language so as many people as possible will understand what you are writing about.

Come back next week for more tips on successful blogging

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