Selling Online 1: Stay in Touch

Selling is an issue faced by many business owners. You create a business that you love, offering a great service, or sharing your invention with friends who can’t wait to try it out. You have an enormous amount of passion for your business, a fabulous website, but don’t see yourself as a salesperson. Yet selling is key to business success. Most of the time making a sale is about developing a relationship rather than flogging goods.

If you approach someone who has never heard of you or your business and try to persuade them to buy, you might have an uphill struggle. If, however, someone is in touch with you on a regular basis, they will come to you to buy when they know that you have the products or services that they need at that particular point in time. This is where you need to build a great online strategy. Use your website, your blog, Twitter, Facebook, eNewsletters and more so people are aware of your business on a regular basis and know where to find you when they want to buy.

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