Online advertising that works 6

Advertising Troubleshooting

I often hear small business owners cry ‘I advertised but no-one responded’. If you want to avoid this situation bear in mind:

1.       It will take more than one advert. One advert is not going to bring your business hundreds of customers. It can take 7 views of your message before a potential customer buys, so use repeat advertising that people will see on a number of occasions, on repeat visits to websites and back this up with print advertising, PR and marketing.

2.       Less is usually more Focus on the one main outcome you want from your advert. Include a simple call to action like ‘buy now’ rather than trying to get every advantage of your product in one place. Cut out long descriptions and go for short punchy words.

3.       See it right. Make sure that your advert is visually striking. Use a freelance professional designer if you don’t have great design in house skills as this will make your investment in advertising more effective.

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