Online advertising that works 2

Last week we looked at the sort of research and planning you should do before creating and placing an advertisement. Here are some more tips.

Be clear about how much you can spend on advertising. Work out the possible cost of attracting one person to buy via an advertisement. Are you paying per month or per click for your advert? If your advertisement is clicked on by one person in 100 who see it, and only one in 100 of those who reach your site go on to buy, you’ll need your advert to be shown 10,000 times before you get a sale. What is the number of people who view the page that your ad is displayed in every month? Is your advert rotated with others? Understanding figures like this can help you work out the real cost of acquiring a new customer. You can change the way you perceive the return on advertising if you look at the lifetime spend from your customers rather than the one off purchase profit. You may need to improve your follow up with customers who have bought once  – or you may decide that a particular form of advertising will never get the return you want.

Learn about the cost of advertising by requesting ‘media packs’ from site publishers.  Your advertising budget will need to last you the whole year. You may decide that it is going to be more effective to have bursts of advertising at key points in the year for your business when people’s minds are already on the problems that you could solve for them. Have you noticed how many more adverts there are for gifts in the run up to Christmas?  Which seasons are your busiest – would advertising in the run up to these seasons complement your marketing and help drive in sales?

With your headline figure in mind look at the different combinations of advertising it could get for you. Try different forms of online advertising to see which brings customers direct to your website 24-7.

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