More ways to earn online

If you are handy on the computer, here are four ways to turn your talents into profits:

  1. 1.      Social Media. Do you use social media a lot? Know what a RT and twitter hash tag is? Well why not offer your services to help small businesses harness the power of social media for their business. Social media is a huge area and a lot of small businesses are scared or put off from using social media to grow their business. You can either offer to manage their social media profiles or train them to use it themselves.
  2. Blogging. Bloggers have found multiple ways to monetise their sites and sell their services.  You can start by selling advertising or offering your blogging services to businesses. Both can be very profitable.
  3. 3.      Affiliate Marketing. If you have a large audience you can make good money through affiliate sales. You are simply promoting someone else’s products or services and when they click on your link, you will get a percentage back from their purchase. You need to have a large database of contacts from an email list to make lots of money but if you target your audience either through social media or blogging, you can still make some money through this.
  4. 4.      Create videos. Are you a whizz with YouTube and programs such as Camtasia or Windows Movie Maker? Why not offer to create videos for businesses that do not have the time or know how to utilise this great promotional medium.

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