More ideas for mobile working

What are your top aids for working as you travel? Here are 5 things we find helpful:

  1. Google docs. This is an easy way to store your documents, and ensure that you can access them from wherever you work. Plus, you can share with other collaborators, wherever they are.
  2. Get a Skype Online Number. You get a number that looks like a landline number and you can pick up calls on your computer or using a smartphone app. Or you can redirect calls to another phone number or voicemail. Customers will be able to get hold of you wherever you are.
  3. Have a dongle! A dongle allows you to access the web from your pc. Mine cost around £10 for a month’s coverage and is great value if I am out of the office a lot.
  4. More ideas for online access. Utilise the benefits of Back up drives, cloud apps and cloud drives. These are more ways to make sure your documents are safe and accessible wherever you are.
  5. Notebooks rule. Finally, don’t forget the benefits of pen and paper! Lots of business owners note down ideas in the traditional way still.
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