Mobile working

More and more of us are working as we travel. Apps, tablets and smart phones all make it easy to take your office with you when you go. If you like to keep on top of things while you journey, here are 3 ideas that will help you make the most of travel time:

  1. Going away inevitably means travelling and waiting time.  An iPhone or a tablet with 3G capability are perfect for those moments when you’re just hanging around.  You can catch up on all your emails, and fire off a few quick responses ensuring you stay on top of the email flow.
  2.  Long journeys and a lack of 3G is the great time for writing, editing and blogging.  When we were writing our books I can draft out a chapter during a long journey, or I might save up editing for train journeys, print off what I need in advance and pack my red pen!
  3. If I’m not writing a book then magazines and papers usually give me blog post inspiration so I’ll hand write a few, or type them on my netbook ready to publish when I get home.

My netbook and charger is all I need and takes up hardly any space.  Wifi can be expensive but when I weigh it up against the work I produce when I’m away and not having to catch up when I get back then I usually come to the conclusion that it’s worth it.


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