Linking up Twitter

Twitter is a great way to draw readers into your blog. I link my blogs to Twitter using Twitterfeed. It ensures that my Twitter followers get a good supply of excellent and relevant content and my blogs gets new people visiting it. I log on to Twitter once or twice in the day, or occasionally in the evening if I’ve not been around during the day, so I can tell people what I’m up to and thank people who have ‘retweeted’ or passed on my messages to their followers. And I take part in ‘Follow Friday’ where you recommend good people to follow. I share what I’m working on and who I’m meeting, and even occasionally mention what I’m eating! You need to be clear that there is a personality behind the twitter account or you are missing a great chance to build a relationship with a new or potential customer.

I’ve linked up my profiles on Linked In, Ecademy, various Ning sites, the Women’s Marketing Forum and Facebook to Twitter too, so I can send updates from any of these sites, and all my Twitter updates appear on each profile too.

Could you link up Twitter to promote your other sites and social networking activities?

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