Blogging for Search Engine Optimisation

There are lots of good reasons to start a blog for your business. A blog attracts people to your site for great articles. You can use your blog to build a relationship with your customers and potential customers. And you can use the blog to encourage people to sign up for your newsletters too. But perhaps most importantly for a small business, a blog is a great way to help your business rise up the search engine rankings and get picked up for keywords that lead people to make purchases.

First, the most effective way to use a blog to help your business is to have the blog integrated into your website. WordPress is the leading tool to help you do this, but there are other options – check out what comes with your site. Why is integrating the blog so important? Well, put simply, blogs rank really well in Google because of the constantly updated content. If you add new short articles to your site every day or a couple of times a week it all helps your search engine ranking.

Next, do you know what keywords you want to rank for? Look at the terms people are using to find you already. Think about the products that you have and how you might describe them. Then take some of these terms and put them into the Google keywords tool. This will show you the competition for those terms (in Adwords) and the number of people searching for them. You can search in your local area too which will help you refine your results if, say, you are aiming at UK sales. You need to find the terms that have as little competition as possible but with a reasonable number of searches. Search on and weight up variations in terms: organic baby clothes may have a lot of competition and a high number of searches. If you have a great range of boys clothes, check out the competition and searches for ‘organic baby boys clothes’. Could you break it down further and look at ‘organic baby boy’s hats’? It is worth investing time in this and looking it as an ongoing business task.

Once you have some keywords and phrases that you want to use, start using them on a weekly basis in your blog. Check the Google ‘news’ search for news on related topics and set yourself up a Google Alert so you get items of news through to your inbox to inspire you and remind you to blog.

When creating your blog post, use the keywords and phrases once or twice in the post. If you can use them naturally in the title this works well. You can also bold your key terms which can help them get picked up by search engines. Importantly, make sure that you embed a link to the right part of your site. So, if you are writing about fashion trends for baby boys and have included your term, organic baby boys hats, make sure that these words can be clicked on to take you through to the page where customers can buy the hat.

Ideally, you should post 2-3 times a week, daily if you enjoy it and can build it into your routine. If you struggle to do this, look at finding someone who can blog for you. In future articles we will look at linking your blog into Twitter and Facebook, plus ways to attract readers for your blog. Using easy online tools can help you make the most of your blog and see it really boost your business.

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