Google Analytics: Are You Missing Out?

Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics programme, and can tell you about who is visiting your site and what they are looking at. You can find out how long people visit your site for, how often they return and how many times they return. You can work out which pages result in people buying and look at lessons you can learn from them and apply to other pages. And you can customise your reports so you see the stats that are most useful to you.

Analytics expert Avinash Kaushik advises, “Start focusing on where your traffic is coming from (referring urls, search engine keywords, campaigns etc etc). If you understand where your visitors are coming from then you’ll get great clues about their intent. If you know intent then there is a pot of gold waiting for you if you solve for customer intent.”

When using Google Analytics, look at the top pages that people enter your site through – not just your home page – and treat each of those as a home page. In this way you will make sure that people get sign posted to buy, when they find your site and arrive on any number of popular entry pages. Plus, when you have found the different ways people arrive on your site you can try different designs and layouts, promotions and offers on the different entry points and see which turns into most sales.

There are other useful lessons to learn if you integrate Google Analytics into your website. Bounce rate shows how many people leave your site after viewing a single page: if someone arrives and leaves very fast it is likely that they are not engaged by your content. So, you can try to change the content to become more engaging for visitors.

Google Analytics could be just what you need to maximise the way that your website works for your business. Why not try it today?

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