Do you follow up?

I’m sure you can remember waiting for that phone call or text after a first date. If you don’t hear from her or him, you start to worry that the date didn’t go as well as you thought. It’s the same with business. Once someone has placed an order, send them a confirmation right away. It’s simple to do this with most online shopping carts, and will remind them they have made a good choice and can rely on you to deliver their order.  It is then up to you to decide how often you should stay in touch to reassure your customer without annoying them. The cart you choose should have options to allow you to indicate when your customer’s order has been dispatched. You might choose a delivery company that allows online tracking too. All of these will reassure your customer. And beyond that, if your customer has opted in to receive communications from you, stay in touch on a regular basis. There are a range of recommendations for how often you should send out newsletters or emails, but, just like you’d stay in touch with a new boyfriend regularly, regular communication is vital. People like to know when to expect your next message.

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