Creating an Online App

You don’t have to be technical to create apps or online software. Here are some tips to help:

  • Start with a problem.  If there’s no problem or ‘need’,  no one will use it.  That need might be causing pain or it might be a need for entertainment, either way have a reason beyond ‘I thought of it’ to create your app.
  • Find the simplest solution.  Users don’t want to do anything complex, they want easy.  Find the shortest route to solving the problem.
  • Get REALLY clear if you are asking a tech to develop your app for you.  Tech people like details, minute details.  Have a really clear idea of exactly how everything should look and work.  Their job is to build it, not design look and plan out functionality.
  • Find a great tech person.  A great app needs a great tech person, don’t scrimp.
  • Be patient.  Creating software isn’t an overnight process.  Small details can take a lot of coding, be patient and expect obstacles along the way.


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