Common blogging problems solved: My blog isn’t bringing in more business

If you have started to blog for business, it can be easy to worry that you are wasting your time. If you are concerned that your blog isn’t bringing in business, look first to your traffic. Do you have a lot of visitors? It can take 1000 visitors to a blog before one takes action: if you need more visitors check out post 2 in this series.

If visitors aren’t the problem check your stats package and look at pageviews, and time spent on your site.  Are people engaged with your content? If so do you have a product funnel in place that invites people to join an email list so you can contact them directly?  To increase sales via your blog you really need to ensure that each part of the flow of visitors and customers is working correctly.  It’s a bit like making sure there aren’t any holes in your bucket.  Too many holes and by the time you get back to your sandcastle there’s nothing left! It’s the same when you’re trying to get people from not knowing you at all to becoming a loyal customer: you have to navigate them from your blog, then onto your email list and then offer reasons to buy from your business.

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