Common blogging problems solved: I don’t know what to blog about!

If you have started a business blog filled with great intentions, yet a few weeks or months down the line are depressed and uninspired about blogging, read on too get some trouble shooting advice.

If you’ve hit a blank and don’t know what to blog about, first, think of 3 or 4 main topics or keywords you want your blog to cover.  For example if you sell diaries for mums your topics might be – getting organised, stationery and dates to remember. For each of these write as many different sub-topics as you can think of.  So for getting organised you could cover – tips for remembering things, clearing clutter, having a system for remembering birthdays, creating a family schedule or chores rota etc. Each of these sub headings is a blog post.

For more on coming up with endless ideas for blog posts watch this video

Come back next week for more tips on successful blogging


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