Common blogging problems solved: I’m not getting visitors to my blog

It is easy to start a blog, but you need to do some work to attract visitors to your site. If your blog is new have you registered it with Google?  You can do that here –

Then, think about what promotion you’ve done to spread the word about your blog.  Have you been promoting your blog on Facebook and twitter?  Have you been commenting on other blogs in your niche? A good way to raise your profile and attract visitors back to your blog is to do some guest posts on other blog’s in your niche or in complementary niches.

One further thing that you can do is to start to learn about SEO – that’s Search Engine Optimization. Here is a link to some of our articles about search engine optimization that will help you get higher up search results and hence attract more visitors.

Come back next week for more tips on successful blogging


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