Common blogging problems solved: I’m not getting comments on my posts

So, you’ve launched your blog and are working hard on it, but feel like you’re writing in a vacuum because no-one is comments. If this sounds like you, check how many visitors you have. If you don’t have many visitors then it stands to reason that you won’t have many (if any) comments. If you need to find more visitors, go back to last week’s post.

If visitors aren’t an issue then review your content. Is it engaging? Sometimes you need to leave visitors wanting more, or only tell part of the story in a post so people feel compelled to ask ‘what happens next?’ or to share their views on what you should do in a dilemma.

Are you finishing your posts with a question?  This is a good thing to do so people understand that you are keen to hear their views.  Perhaps your readers need to be invited to comment.

Finally, when you do get a comment always respond and encourage further debate. This will ensure people keep coming back – as will running a series of tips like these. You can then finish with a sentence like ‘Come back next week for more tips on successful blogging’ so you can encourage more visitors as well as more comments.

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