Choosing a Shopping Cart: Cross selling and upselling

It can seem hard when you are faced with hundreds of different shoping carts to choose the right one for you. Learn about cross selling and upselling as this is a feature some carts offer and it could help you make your choice.

Cross selling can help you make the most of your customers. When someone has just made a purchase they are very open to your business: suggest another product that they may like and they may well add it to their basket. Look at how Amazon does this the next time you make a purchase.

Upselling is similar, and helps you boost the value of what each customer buys by offering a slightly better option: like when you ask for a burger and end up buying a meal.

Consider how this additional product or upgrade will meet what the customer needs: you know about what they need from their first purchase. Make your recommendation once the first product is in the customer’s basket, and highlight special offers, discounts and bulk buy offers.

Amazon is a great example of how to get customers to buy more. You click to buy book A, Amazon swiftly points out that you’ll save if you buy book A and book B together, and book B is likely to be something that appeals to someone who chooses book A.

Think about how cross selling and/or up selling might work within your business. Choose a shopping cart that will make automatic suggestions, or adapt your ‘thank you’ page or email replies to make further relevant offers to shoppers.

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