Business Networking with LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn yet? Safer than Facebook, more focussed that Twitter, Linked in connects business people. It is a fast growing and well respected online business network with over 75 million registered users, and is a great place to get results for your business. To get started, create your profile using a professional headshot and descriptive job title… but LinkedIn has lots to offer if you get more involved.

You can use it to make and receive recommendations. Developing a range of testimonials on your profile will give others confidence to do business with you. Make a point of giving testimonials every time you work with someone and you’ll receive them too. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask a contact you have worked with for their views on your work via LinkedIn.

Join and participate in groups, or create one of your own. This is a great way to start discussions, link up with people interested in the same area and begin networking. Look at people who are in groups that you find interesting and ask them to become contacts of yours. Post your questions in groups to get a range of relevant answers from people in the right field. And opt to get comments from each group emailed to your inbox so you know what is going on.
Visit the LinkedIn site every few days to make the most of networking, and pop back here for more ways to use LinkedIn soon.

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