Boost your online business income 1

It is relatively easy to start a website, but can seem much harder to attract visitors and make sales. Read on for the first in a series of tips to help you grow your business online:

Online business growth is all about reach. You need more people to know about your business and visit your website before you can start making serious money. Most business owners underestimate the number of people you need to visit your site before you can make a sale: would you be surprised to know that one or two purchases per hundred visitors is a good average for a website to achieve? If you want to make 10 sales a day, you might need 1000 visitors or more.

As one way to increase the traffic to your website, develop your own social media strategy. Think of how you can use social media to develop relationships rather than just advertise. Social media is not about bombarding people with sales messages: instead showcase your expertise, offer help, pass on good content and give your followers great value.

Come back next week for more advice to help you build your business income.

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