Are you backing up?

Do you back up your work? I’ve been a back-up fanatic for several years now. Because of what I do, my life is stored on my laptop. I have the usual family photos and videos, and since I have had a smart phone I have been taking lots more. I also have all sorts of work files on my computer. If you have ever lost the content of a post you were making on Facebook, or accidentally deleted an email and had to rewrite it, it can be stressful. Can you imagine the potential stress of losing 90,000 words and six months work? If my laptop goes wonky I’m always glad to have a second copy of what I’ve been writing, whether it is because I have sent a copy to a colleague, have stored it on Google drive, or have it on a back up disc.
If you’re not yet backing up, here are 3 WAYS TO BACK UP that I use:

Get a drive that will allow you to back up your computer. I’ve tried different drives and can recommend Click Free and Seagate drives. I like the ones that allow you the options of backing up every few days – you can set the time interval and get reminders – or plug it in to your PC permanently and it will backup continuously. That’s ideal if you want a ‘set and forget’ system.

Store important files virtually. You can subscribe to systems that allow you to upload everything to a remote storage facility, but Which? assessed these services and found that using Google Docs or a similar free service was just as good. You do need to remember to add your new files to these remote systems, but you then have the advantage of being able to access them from wherever you are.

Back up your back up! No, seriously, it is worth having a local backup, like the drives mentioned above, AND a remote backup too, which could be storing things in ‘the cloud’, or on services like Google drive or Drop box. Why? Because if your house burns down or is flooded you could lose your local backup as well as your pc.

I hope these back up tips have helped you – and do let us know if you have more ideas on backing up.

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