Achieve Online Business Success in 2 Hours a Week

We all know that Twitter, Facebook and blogging can take up far more time that you plan for. This week, Erica Douglas of shares her strategies for efficient use of online media – it only takes 2 hours a week to get a really good online profile. Read on to find out how.

How to be efficient online

Managing your business blog and social media in 2 hours a week

Many of our clients have told us that it’s the time factor that keeps them from starting a business blog and harnessing the power of social media.

Everyone seems to agree now (sensibly!) that blogging and social media are seriously powerful (and practically free) marketing tools that can help you build your brand and raise sales both online and off, but how can you manage this new media whilst simultaneously running your business?

Before I tell you I have a small confession, you knew two hours was too good to be true didn’t you? Well once a month you also need to spend a couple of hours doing a bit of prep work. But that still isn’t too bad is it? 10 hours a month to manage your blogging and social media. I’m sure that’s still either a huge improvement on what you’re doing now or much less than you expected to have to spend on managing an entire online marketing campaign.

In that couple of hours a month we basically brainstorm a month’s worth of blog post ideas using our content generation strategy. Watch this video tutorial to find out about the content generation technique that all the major bloggers use.

So every month you spend a couple of hours doing the content generation technique, then you add the posts into your drafts and add some extra content ie details, resources, images etc..

As you become a master blogger you’ll have time leftover, spend this time creating a monthly newsletter for email list subscribers.

So that leaves us with two whole hours a week left!

Which breaks down like this…

Spend 30 minutes finishing your posts for the week and get them scheduled for posting. Upload any videos your using to Youtube, tag them properly and make sure your blog address is prominent. Your Youtube channel will continue to send qualified traffic back to your main blog.

Your facebook should be linked to your blog using networked blogs, which means your posts are posted there automatically. Zero minutes required!

Spend 30 minutes creating tweets to go out all week, upload them to Social Oomph or a similar tool offering autmoated tweets.

Spend 10 minutes (take sunday off!) a day answering comments on your blog, engaging with clients in twitter and on facebook.

Total: 2 Hours a Week (and a couple of hours once a month!)

Be strict with the time you spend and don’t forget to analyse your results using the 80/20 rule. Adjust your schedule as time goes on so that you’re spending the majority of your time on the activities that are converting the best.

In the next part we’ll go into a bit more detail with regard to being efficient.

AceInspire offers online training for small business owners who want to get to grips with social media and turn it into a useful tool to drive new business and increase sales.

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