Achieve Online Business Success in 2 Hours a Week Part 2

Just being there on Twitter, Facebook etc isn’t always enough. Are you really engaging with potential customers and clients? Read on to find out how to be truly effective when using social media

How to be effective online by Erica Douglas of

In my article a couple of weeks ago about the Online Business Success formula I talked about the importance of being effective online.

Effectiveness relates to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is achieved by providing value and meeting or preferably exceeding your customers expectations (when I talk about customers I include readers, fans and followers in that group as they’re expected to become tomorrow’s customers)

When creating your online business strategy, providing value should be at the centre of everything you do.

Make a list of what you think your customers want apart from your physical product. Go one step further and ask your customers what they want.

Your list may include;

* Excellent customer service (pre-sale and after-sale)
* A way (or several ways) to contact you
* Information (newsletter, ezine, blog)
* Loyalty bonuses
* A relationship (they may want to feel they know you, especially if the product is a service)

Consider how you can use the internet to deliver these customer ‘wants’. Create a strategy that focuses on customer satisfaction and we’ll help you deliver.

Aim to delight your readers/followers/customers at every turn to create loyalty and a successful business.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more help  – what would you like to hear about? Reply to this post and let us know.

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