6 ways to promote an eBook

Writing and ‘publishing’ your eBook is the easy bit. What is more difficult is finding an audience who wants to buy it. Here are 6 ways to help you spread the word and make sales.

  1. Build a fan base using social media to draw people in to your blog. Offer a freebie to encourage them to share their email address with you.
  2. Having a web presence is key and a blog is great for this. Add regular great content which ties in with your eBook themes and might attract people searching for the solutions or issues the eBook addresses.
  3. Your marketing strategy should also include email marketing and ongoing offers and promotions. Develop a list of offers and complementary products. If someone buys a $1 eBook, what might their next purchase be? How can you encourage them to invest in an audio recording, a longer workbook, online training or one to one mentoring?
  4. Find new markets for your eBook by considering the various sectors that might be interested in your eBook. Look for joint venture partners who can help you reach new audiences. Create specific campaigns geared towards each particular audience, use their language and tap into their unique problems and phrase the solution in a way that would appeal to them.
  5. Don’t forget PR: it is easy to simply focus on online promotion but an interview or expert tips in a magazine or newspaper can reach people who you wouldn’t find elsewhere.
  6.  Attend events, ideally as a speaker. Get print copies of your book produced to sell on these occasions, but remember your key aim is to gather email addresses so you can stay in touch with people and build a relationship as they may want to buy your eBook or use your services further down the line.

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