5 writing mistakes bloggers make

Being a great blogger can be achieved without being a great writer, but it is easy to lose certain types of readers if you make silly mistakes with spelling or grammar. Here are 5 easy mistakes to avoid.

  1. Your / you are: Use ‘your’ when showing ownership, as in ‘your blog’ and ‘you are’ when you mean ‘you are’.
  2. Effect / affect: Effect is a noun – you can create an effect, while affect is a verb – someone affects someone or something else.
  3. A company is always singular e.g. ‘Dickens and Jones is opening a new branch’, rather than ‘Dickens and Jones are…’
  4. Could of, would of / could have, would have: Never write ‘could of’ – the correct English is could have. This applies for would, should, etc.
  5. It’s / its: It’s is short for ‘it is’, while ‘its’ is a possessive pronoun. E.g. ‘It’s going to be a long day’ or ‘My blog has rather lost its way’.

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