5 ways to Use Pinterest for Business

  1. Create your own Boards. Be creative, do not just simply pin your own products. As with any other social media site, continual self-promotion will turn people off. Why not create a local board, ‘ things I love about (my area)’, alongside your favourite fashion, craft or home ware trends, books, shoes, sunglasses, anything that appeals to you and has a strong visual element.
  2. Search. Use the Pinterest search facility to find out who else is using the site and seek out images that you like and want to repin to your own boards.
  3. Pin. To maximise the effectiveness of Pinterest you need invest time in your pinning: add in a couple of images a day to build up your boards. A great idea is to add the Pinterest bookmarklet. This bookmark can sit above your browser window, and when you see pictures of interest, you simply click on it to pin the image to your boards. To build followers, why not add a ‘pin this button, to your items in your online store, like the Facebook Like button.
  4. Invite. Once you are a member and have built up your boards, don’t forget to invite others to the site. Be strategic about this, invite others you’d like to help as well as people who will help promote your business and products.
  5. Engage. Search the site to find other products and users you like and start pinning their items on your board alongside making comments. You can also add links to your products in the comment box so long as it is relevant and not just blatant self-promotion..

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