5 more writing mistakes to avoid as a blogger

Some people are big on grammar and spelling, others are not. Lots of bloggers can write fluently, but feel a little uncertain about grammar. If this sounds like you, here are 5 more easy errors that lots of people make but which you can learn to avoid:

  1. There / their: there is a place, ‘their’ is something belonging to them.
  2. Practice /practise: think of advice and advise: practice with a c is a noun, whereas practise with a s is a verb.
  3. Complimentary / complementary : the former means something free, while the latter is something that fits well with something else.
  4. Loose / lose: loose is an adjective, a word that describes a noun’ my tooth is loose’, ‘there is a tiger on the loose’, and lose is a verb, ‘to lose your tooth’, ‘I always lose my tiger’.
  5.  i.e. / e.g. i.e. means ‘that is’, whereas e.g. means for example.

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