4 ways to use autoresponders for business

Autoresponders are great for business. A handy programme, an autoresponder can ensure that your business works 24-7, even while you are sleeping, spending time with the family or having fun. Here are five ways to use autoresponders that will benefit your business:

  1. Use autoresponders for customer service purposes. You could set up an ‘out of office’ message, for staff who are on holiday, or a message that goes to every enquirer explaining how quickly you aim to reply to emails, and the telephone number to call in case of an urgent enquiry.
  2. Use autoresponders to deliver discount vouchers, free eBooks or reports. You want to gather contact details for people who visit your site and like it, even if they are not quite ready to buy. Offer a discount voucher, free eBook or report when people sign up and share their email address with you. Use an autoresponder to deliver the bonus, and growing your email list will then take very little of your time.
  3. Use autoresponders to send broadcasts. Also known more commonly as newsletters, most autoresponders can also send out messages to everyone on your list at a time of your choosing. Newsletters or broadcasts can call people’s attention to timely events, such as a sale, a product launch or special offer. Send your best deals and latest news to people on your list and they will reward you by becoming your most loyal fans.
  4. Use autoresponders to deliver information products. An autoresponder can be the basis of a business. If you sell eCourses or eBooks an autoresponder is critical to ensure that customers get their materials swiftly, and without you having to manually send out information.

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