3 ways to make money blogging

Does your business bring in all the money it can? You might be missing out on some simple ways to boost your income via your blog.

  1. It can take a number of exposures to your message before people take action so embed adverts for your business in the header or sidebar of your blog. Doing this ensures that your blog sells your products and services for you the simple way.
  2. Some people prefer not to click on ads but like to read articles. Your business blog should offer its readers regular interesting articles on relevant topics. Mention a product or service that you sell in an article, then make sure that you embed a link to the relevant product page on your website, making it easy for people to buy that way.
  3. Another way to highlight products is to write a top ten list, gift guide or tutorial.  You could highlight your own products, or affiliate link to products that you rate. Amazon has a simple to use affiliate scheme. This means that if someone clicks through to buy from another store, you get a percentage of the sale. Check sites like Commission Junction for more affiliate options

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