3 fast ways to use social media to promote your business

Need some quick ideas to do this week to spread the word about your business?  Take one action every day and you’ll find more and more people are aware of what you offer, and as awareness grows so will sales.

Idea 1 Boost the numbers of people signing up for your newsletter. Develop an extra incentive to sign up, be it a discount voucher or free report, and tweet, facebook and blog about it.

Idea 2 Write a blog post and tweet a link to it. Highlight some benefits of buying from your business, woven into a story of real customer experiences perhaps.

Idea 3 Make a special offer for Facebook followers. Special offers with limited availability have the most effect.

Idea 4 Find a complementary business and swap links, or even better do a newsletter promotion to each other’s clients/customers

Idea 5 Schedule 7 tweets, one a day for the week using Hootsuite or Social oomph. Take people to different pages on your site, linking to products, articles, and/or where to sign up for your newsletter or blog feed.

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